Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Be Wary of the Santa Ana's

      I just recently read an article that claimed severe weather caused over $12 million in the United States alone last year. Granted, there is no way to tell how much of that was due to a toppled tree, a majority of the problem stems from (no pun intended) those leaning, wavering trees that always seem sturdy but find their way into the master bedroom without invitation.

            These fallen trees cost so much more than money, but also time and energy spent into calling the city to get the power line taken care of, the insurance agency to make sure that it is covered. All of this is time sensitive as in this day and age everybody is looking for a way to make a buck. There is, however, one way to prevent all this hassle. Get. Rid. Of. The. Damn. Tree. Tom’s Tree Trimming serves the Orange County area and responds with lightning speed, minus the lightning that will strike down your tree. If you don’t know that there is an art to tree removal, you should get acquainted with it.

You might think that tree removal is a brute action that requires little to no thinking but in reality it is much more complicated than that. There is a whole process in trimming the limbs, and then the branches, then cutting them loose all the while taking the wind into account. It’s really not as easy as it seems, especially when you get perspective some 20-odd feet in the air. Tom and his crew have this process down to a Tree (pun intended) and are willing to help you save the high monetary risk for a low monetary reward. 
            I can understand, really, I can, if you are too busy to worry about calling a tree trimming guy to take down the tree that probably won’t fall on to your house and wreck that new open floor plan you just finished renovating. But at the same time, you probably won’t want to spend 10 times that time taking pictures of the thousands of dollars worth of damage that was caused because you couldn’t spare that 10 minutes to set up an appointment with Tom. Just saying.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tree Removal is Essential for Your Family’s Safety

 Photo: High-Winds and Overgrown Top Heavy Trees Don't Mix!

During these high-winds that we are experiencing right now, branches can snap and break, even worse, the trees can fall on houses or cars.  Removing a dead tree or dead tree branches from your yard is essential in order to ensure your family’s and your neighbor's safety.  Avoid any disastrous, dry and windy weather related costs and trim those overgrown top-heavy trees or unwanted dead tree branches now!  Call Tom’s A-Plus Tree Trimming and Removal Service @ (714) 531-5379 for a free estimate today!    Removing a dead tree from your yard is essential in order to ensure you and your family’s safety.  A dead tree can fall unexpectedly, attract bugs and insects, and during high-winds its branches can snap and break, and end up far from their point of origination.


Tom’s A-Plus Tree Trimming, Topping and Removal, located in the heart of Orange County, CA, has been safely removing and disposing of trees since 1980.  According to owner Tom: “We have been developing strong ties with our Orange County community for over 30-years.”


Reasons to remove a tree often fall into the categories of obstruction and health.  Obstruction may include a tree affecting structures around it or blocking the view of neighbors.  Many homes in Orange County have ocean-views, and homeowners are very concerned that their million-dollar view is not hindered.  Other reasons for tree trimming and removal include:

  • Disease/infection
  • Harm to surrounding trees/plants
  • Trees leaning toward nearby houses or buildings and at risk of falling
  • Root systems causing damage to driveways, sidewalks or underground       utilities.

Tree removal is not a do-it-yourself project.  The equipment is dangerous, and in most cases, it is done from a high-standing ladder.  Risks are posed not only to the person doing the work, but also to people, cars, and buildings in the near vicinity.  Always trust a professional to do this for you!  As the saying goes: “Don’t try this at home.”


After making sure the tree is safely removed, Tom’s Tree Service disposes of wood waste and all debris in the surrounding areas.  “At the end of every job, immaculate  clean up is paramount to us", said Tom Curran, owner of Tom's Tree Service. "We always leave our clients' property neat and tidy".

Whatever your reason to remove a tree, Tom’s Tree Removal will safely remove and dispose of those unwanted nuisances.  Tom’s has a great team of arborists and is licensed (California license #54927, bonded and ensured for your peace of mind.  Call Tom’s Tree Removal Service located in Garden Grove, CA for a free estimate @ 714.531.5379.